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What Is the Principle of Color-Changing(Photochromic) Riding Glasses? Is Color-Changing Riding Glasses Harmful to Eyes?

Color-changing riding glasses are glasses that can adjust the color in time according to outdoor ultraviolet light and temperature, and can protect the eyes from strong light, which is very suitable for wearing when riding. The principle of color-changing is through the lens containing silver halide microcrystals and ultraviolet light reaction after separation, silver atoms absorb light, reduce the lens transmission rate, thereby changing the color; When the activation light is lost, the silver atoms recombine with the halogen atoms, returning to their original color. Good color-changing riding glasses are not much harm to the eyes, but long-term riding may also cause visual fatigue. Let's take a look at the principle of color-changing riding glasses.


What is the principle of color-changing riding glasses?

Color-changing glasses can change the color of the lenses according to the intensity of the external light, so as to protect the eyes from strong light stimulation, so many people will choose to wear color-changing glasses when riding, but most of them do not know the principle of color-changing, in fact, the working principle of color-changing glasses is very simple.

1. Color-changing riding glasses are made by adding light-colored materials to the lens raw materials to make the lenses contain silver halide (silver chloride, silver australide) microcrystals. When ultraviolet or short-wave visible light is received, halogen ions release electrons, which are captured by silver ions and react: colorless silver halide is decomposed into opaque silver atoms and transparent halogen atoms. The silver atoms absorb light, which reduces the transmittance of the lens, so that the color of the glasses changes.

2. Because the halogen in the discolored lens will not be lost, so reversible reaction can occur, after the activation light disappears, silver and halogen recombine, so that the lens returns to the original transparent colorless or light-colored state. Riding often in the outdoors, the need to withstand the stimulation of the sun, so wearing a pair of riding glasses that can change color is better. However, some people are worried that color-changing riding glasses will be harmful to the eyes. Then, will color-changing riding glasses hurt the eyes?

Is color-changing riding glasses harmful to eyes?

The light transmittance of color-changing riding glasses is relatively low, although it can absorb most of the ultraviolet, infrared and various harmful glare, but due to the silver halide chemical composition contained on the lens, the light transmittance of the lens is relatively poor, long-term use may lead to visual fatigue, not suitable for long-term riding wear and use. However, with the progress of manufacturing technology, the discoloration rate and fading rate of color-changing lenses have been greatly improved, and high-quality color-changing riding glasses are almost no harm. In addition, it should be noted that there are some inferior color-changing riding glasses with uneven color change, either slow color change with fast color fade, or fast color change with very slow color fade, and some even do not change color, this riding glasses wear for a long time is unable to do an effective eye protection.

Post time: Jul-20-2023